I teach from my home near Fleet in Hampshire and I use a variety of resources, including backing tracks as well as lots of jamming along and learning songs to make the learning experience as fun and rewarding as possible. You’ll also build up quite a collection of handouts which will develop into an invaluable catalogue of reference material for playing techniques as well as pieces.

Lessons are available for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, classical guitar, ukulele and bass.

Lessons are available from Monday to Friday, daytimes or evenings and are usually for 30 minutes. Hour long lessons are also available, and these can be especially useful for intermediate and advanced players. If you’re not sure which would suit you best then just get in touch to have a chat.

The youngest age I will usually teach guitar to is around 7 years old, although the ukulele can start earlier as it suits the smaller hands very well. At this age I would always recommend a small size classical guitar as the nylon strings are much more comfortable to play. If you need some advice on which instrument to buy then do get in touch. Lessons for this age (on guitar or ukulele) will cover a range of techniques and styles including:

  • Music reading
  • Simple classical and fingerstyle guitar playing techniques
  • Development of aural awareness with lots of fun ear training games
  • Simple chords and rhythm playing ideas
  • Some easy scales which can be used to create songs, improvise with and have fun.

For players who wish to develop their classical or acoustic guitar playing I offer RGT graded exams in either classical or acoustic guitar up to Grade 8. Ukulele exams are also available up to Grade 4.

I also provide a comprehensive teaching programme for electric guitarists. I will aways try to steer these lessons towards the styles of music you are into, however the following indicates the broad areas that will be covered:


  • Introduction to the guitar
  • Basic playing techniques
  • Music reading
  • Aural development
  • Simple scales and an introduction to improvisation
  • Open chords
  • Power chords
  • Simple strumming patterns
  • Plenty of songs.


  • Developing chord knowledge with barre chords
  • More complex strumming patterns
  • Rhythm patterns that are specific to songs styles
  • Expanding scale knowledge to cover more of the guitar neck
  • Harmonised major scale
  • Introduction to arpeggios and their use
  • Aural awareness and musicianship
  • Recording songs and developing repertoire
  • And plenty of songs!


  • Expanding chord knowledge to cover extended and altered voicings and their application
  • Comprehensive awareness of different rhythm styles
  • Scale knowledge across the neck of the guitar enabling you to play an effective solo regardless of the key and style of music
  • Continued development of aural awareness and musicianship
  • Application of arpeggios
  • Playing outside with chromatic notes and some of the more colourful scale
  • And plenty of songs to enable your effective development as a rounded player

For electric players, Graded exams are available, from RGT,  in either Electric or Rock Guitar.

If you have any questions about any of this then just get in touch.